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We are A Different Kind of Pest Control Company.

At Wildlife Roundup pest control, we believe in an environmentally conscious, approach to pest control that respects our environment and all animals by not using chemical pesticides. We do many pest control jobs using no pesticides.


A Family-owned pest control company with a”green” approach.

At Wildlife Roundup pest control, we believe in an environmentally conscious, approach to pest control.

We respect our environment and all animals by not using chemical pesticides.

We have been working with wildlife control in Atlanta area for over 12 years. We are familiar with the habits of wildlife and are experts at humane trapping and removal of all animals. Fall and Winter is our prime time for squirrel removal. Spring and Summer we get the most calls to remove snakes. No animal is too big or small.

Give us a call anytime and we’ll schedule same day or next day appointment. 404-934-1872

Want to know how to get rid of squirrels in your attic?

Animal removal is important so they wont destroy your air conditioning duct work, rip apart electrical wiring. Fully licensed and insured. Operating 7 days a week 12 hour per day for residential and commercial services. Humane treatment of all wildlife. We can repair all damages caused by the animal to prevent future infestation. Owner operated. 30% lower cost. We take great pride in our work and in wildlife removal. We also do organic pest control.. no sprays, no toxins!

There are plenty of reasons why you don’t want squirrels or any wildlife living in your home. When that happens, you need to have them humanely removed and permanently sealed out. We call this “animal exclusion” or “squirrel-proofing,” and we do a lot of it.

We have pest control & exterminator programs for residential and commercial property’s in the Atlanta and metro areas. There are several reasons  why one has to hire a professional. Our technicians can help you  from any possible threats caused by wildlife. These animals should be places back in their own environment, away from people.
It is not wrong to call wildlife removal professionals that will humanly remove any and all wildlife that causes problems in or around your home.

These professionals also know what to do and the best way to deal with wildlife. If you see wildlife in or around  your home, ask for help from a  professionals.

We also handle live bee removal and relocation.

We are always ready to remove the unwanted guest as soon as you call. These professionals never fail to respond promptly to all calls relating to wildlife.

Snakes are on the rise in Georgia. More calls are coming in every day as it gets warmer. Gray squirrel removal in an attic is common. Squirrel Hole in a House will attract other animals. Gray squirrel exclusion and removal in Marietta. Bat inspection.

Bats in your attic ? Call wildlife roundup for all animal removal services. Bat removal in an attic is common in Georg.





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Humane Wildlife removal. Live Bee removal service. complete inspection.Permanent Removal of all animals Lifetime guarantee.