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Wildlife Removal


Wildlife Roundup is a humane Animal removal and control service. We will do a complete inspection, inside and outside of your home to determine points of entry. Our staff is experienced in construction and can do all repairs caused by the animals. We take great pride in our Pest Removal services and ensure you will have no more issues with wildlife guaranteed.
Squirrels or any animal in your attic can cause serious problems in your home. Squirrels will chew through wires in your attic, creating a fire hazard.They are responsible for 30 thousand House fires every year. Wildlife are known carriers of several diseases like rabies- tick fever and powssan virus. These are dangerous diseases and if not treated can be severe and even deadly to some people.

Squirrels also collect insulation to make their nest defecating all the while. We are a humane Pest removal service. Putting poisons out may cause the animal to wonder outside wear other animals might capture it, like cats, dogs, hawks Coyotes and so on. Or they will die in your attic, fall in a wall and die creating a very disturbing smell throughout your house. Wildlife Control is a specialize service for trained personnel only.

Hiring a handyman for this type of work, can and will cause other problems. Repairing holes so the animal cant get in, might trap other animal inside, possibly having baby’s. If you don’t here anymore noises, it doesn’t mean there not other animals inside. If a Squirrel can get in, then its possible, Rats or Mice could be present. If you don’t call us for your Wildlife control service, Please call a professional.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HqYKQmNoog

May God bless you all the days of your life