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Wildlife Roundup is a humane Animal removal and Pest control service in the metro Atlanta area. We will do a complete inspection, both inside and outside of your home to determine points of entry. Our staff is experienced in many areas of animal control. Our staff can repair damages caused by animals to any area of your home. We take great pride in our pest removal services and ensure you will have no more issues with wildlife, guaranteed.

 For cats and dogs.

Please contact Fulton county animal control

 Wildlife  Professionals?

We have pest control & exterminator programs for residential and commercial properties in the Atlanta and metro areasThere are several reasons why one has to hire a professional. Our technicians can help shield you from any possible threats caused by wildlife. Animals should always be placed back in a safe environment after capture, away from people.
It is not wrong to call wildlife removal professionals that will humanly remove any and all wildlife that cause problems in or around your home.

 These professionals also know what to do and the best way to deal with wildlife. If you see wildlife in or around your home, ask for help from these professionals.

We also handle live bee removal and relocation.

 We are always ready to remove the unwanted guest as soon as you call. These professionals never fail to respond promptly to all calls relating to wildlife.


What are some of the more common problems in Georgia?

Snakes are on the rise in Georgia. More calls are coming in every day as it gets warmer. Gray squirrel removal in an attic is also fairly common. Squirrel holes in a house will attract other animals, including other squirrels, bats and insects.

Bats in your attic ? Call wildlife roundup for all animal removal services. Bat removal in an attic is common in Georgia.


Some of our more common calls for removal include:

Squirrels Humanely Removed

Snakes Humanely Removed

Rats Humanely Removed