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Humane Squirrel Removal Services in Marietta GA


Are you being kept up at night by squirrels in your attic? Wildlife Roundup offers a safe and humane way of removing these squirrels. We respect animals and do our utmost to do no harm to these critters when removing them from your home. Under no circumstances do we use squirrel poisons or any other harmful method of extraction. All animals are safely relocated far away from humans so that there is no change of the animals returning back to your home. Being locals of Marietta, GA, we understanding the common patterns and behaviors of squirrels in this area more than any other. We have been trapping pests like squirrels in attics and around the house for over a decade and love serving the locals in Georgia. We are the leading squirrel removal Marietta GA specialists.

Wildlife Roundup Offers Free Inspections

We will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and do a full assessment of the problem. Aside from locating the animal itself, we will also identify structural damage caused by squirrels and offer suggestions on how to best go about repairing the damages. If you remove the squirrels without repairing the holes they made to get in, then you will soon find that new unwanted neighbors have moved in upstairs to replace them. Removal of all waste produced by the animal is also extremely important. This includes fur, droppings and urine. Not only will these cause bad odors in your home, but they will also attract other animals like snakes to your home. Squirrel removal Marietta costs can vary from company to company. We offer the lowest prices for removal of squirrels and will easily beat out the competition. Call us today and see!




Squirrel Trapping

Wildlife roundup has been trapping squirrels for over a decade now. Don’t waste money on ineffective squirrel repellents or methods that do not have a proven track record. We have extensive experience on how to best manage these animals without harming them. Our primary goal is to always remove the animal as humanely as possible. Most often, we will trap the animal in the attic, but this will depend on the technician doing the trapping. Sometimes it is necessary to trap them on roofs or other areas around the house that the squirrel may inhabit, but squirrel removals from the attic is the most common method that we utilize. Once the squirrel is trapped, it is removed as quickly as possible. An animal in this situation can panic and do a lot of harm to itself.

Squirrel Damage Repair


squirrel in attic hole damage

Wildlife Roundup can identify damage caused by pests like squirrels and even perform same-day repairs of the damages. Once a point of entry is identified, we can suggest materials to use in sealing up the holes, or even fix the problem for you. Fixing the entry points or any other damages caused by squirrels to your home is an important step in preventing new squirrels or other animals from entering through the same holes. Reinforcement of the damaged areas is sometimes necessary and can easily be done as well.




If you are in need of squirrel removal in Marietta GA or the surrounding areas, then feel free to call us for any information or a free inspection.



With squirrel removal Marietta GA being such a common problem, we are ready to respond to squirrel control calls same day. If you are located anywhere in the Marietta, Georgia area, then give us a call. The longer you allow pests to reside in your home, the more likely they will be to cause damage. Many homes every year are damaged by pests like squirrels; this ranges from both exterior and interior damages including the attic, crawlspace and especially electrical wires. Squirrel’s teeth can easily chew through the toughest cables. Trust us to evict these troublesome pests in a timely, safe and humane manner.


Through our specialized process, we can quickly determine all entry points in your home through our detailed examination process. Everything from cracks and holes, to pre-existing entry points like voids will be identified and corrective measures will be suggested in order to prevent these problems in the future. Many homes will have at least some poorly-constructed areas in attics that will leave enough space for squirrels and other small animals to get in. Once these points are identified, the squirrels will quickly and safely be trapped and humanely removed and released far away from human contact, miles from your home so as to ensure that your visitors will never return. We have noticed that squirrels in the Marietta area are particularly damage-prone. If you notice any signs of squirrels anywhere in your home, then quick action must be taken to remove them in order to avoid the expensive damages that they can cause. It is important to remove all signs of squirrels once they are caught and repair all damages, including holes caused by the squirrels, any missing insulation and removal of all droppings. Sealed off entry points are the only effective measures in preventing another squirrel problem.


We Have The Tools You Need For Squirrel Removal Marietta

Squirrels are extremely agile. A professional will be able to much more easily identify the type of pest you have and how best to deal with them. With squirrels, the can take the form of a variety of different traps.

squirrel trapping











The Future: Keeping Squirrels and Other Pests Out of Your Home

  • Although many critters in your yard like raccoons and squirrels may seem cute at first, feeding them is a big mistake. This will only invite them closer to your home. If they are comfortable with you and do not consider you a threat, then that gives the animals more incentives to use your warm, comfortable home as their shelter, too.
  • If your yard has tall trees, make sure that no branches are too close to your home. This allows squirrels to more easily reach your attic.
  • If you have pet food or water, try to never leave it outside for too long. It should ideally be kept inside at all times. Leaving unprotected food and water outside is no different from feeding them yourselves.
  • Make sure to secure bird feeders so as to not allow squirrels and other pests like rodents easy access to this food source. If you notice that they are getting into your food, then it may be necessary to get rid of this food source.
  • The same can be applied for garbage. All garbage should be secured in sealed garbage cans. Do not allow pests access to your garbage.
  • Inspect and repair all large gaps that may exist in your home, especially in the attic. This is the single biggest entry point for squirrels.


Exclusion Is Your Cheapest And Safest Method

The most permanent solution to keeping squirrels out of the attic and other parts of your home is to not let them in. Many homes in Marietta and the rest of the metro Atlanta area for that matter are near wooded areas with plenty of trees. This means an almost-guaranteed interaction with pests such as squirrels. The cheapest solution to keep these critters out is to have an inspection done by a professional in order to identify any possible points of entry. Wildlife Roundup offers free inspections to our local homeowners. We can quickly identify any and all problems with your home. It is always much easier and cheaper to take measures to prevent the problem from cropping up in the first place rather than having to first trap and remove the animal before having to take the same preventative steps.


More Squirrel Entry Point Information

common squirrel entry points in house

From the image above, we can see some common entry points for squirrels. Squirrels and other pests like rodents share the same entry points in homes as they are similar in size. There are obviously many different areas that are vulnerable on a house. A professional can quickly and accurately check all of these common gateways for squirrels.


Images of Squirrel Trapping in Marietta GA:

caged squirrel marietta gasquirrel trapped in cage

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