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 Wildlife Roundup is a humane animal control and pest removal service.

Wildlife Removal


Wildlife Roundup has been trapping and removing animals from Georgia homes for over a decade now. Being Georgia locals, we understand the unique animals that reside within each area of the state and employ the most efficient methods to trap whichever animals you may be struggling with.

Wildlife Removal and humane trapping of all wildlife.

We pledge to never use poisons or other methods which may harm animals. All animal trapping should be done in a safe and humane way with as little stress to the animal as possible.


Although we serve all of Georgia, here are a few of the more popular services we are called for:


Free Home Inspections

We offer free home inspections for all of our neighbors in Georgia. Give us a call and let us help you with your animal trapping concerns.


Georgia Wildlife Control

Animals can do significant damage to homes the longer they are allowed to stay. One of the biggest areas of concern is the attic. Allowing animals like raccoons or squirrels to nest in the attic is a very bad idea. These critters can quickly cause immense damage. They will damage ventilation, chew through wires, and destroy the home’s insulation. On top of that, their droppings will attract snakes and other pests into the area, further complicating the problem. Swift and professional animal removal is the best solution for a home with pests.

Animal Control is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic. Trapping the animals is not the most effective way for removal. There are other methods. Some companies will use poison. It is inhuman and illegal to use poison. Animal removal will be necessary.

Call wildlife roundup today and get the best protection for your home permanently.

Aside from just removal the animals from your home, we can do a complete clean up of the area and repair all damages caused by these animals. Many times, there will be plenty of entry holes left over which will have to be sealed in order to ensure that you do not have the same problem again. Without proper sealing of the entry points, other pests will soon take the place of the ones that were just removed. Wildlife removal Georgia is the specialized service that we have developed over years of experience in the field of wildlife control.