Georgia Wildlife Management for all animals.

The most common wildlife found in attics are squirrels, raccoon’s, possum rats and bats. It can be very difficult getting rid of Some animals. Baby’s  in the attic can’t be trapped, they must be removed by hand.

Georgia Wildlife Management

Removing wildlife yourself is not a good idea, and could be dangerous. Some animals carry rabies. Raccoons are the second most rabid animal on earth. Bats are the number one animal on earth that carry rabies, and the only animal that can live with it. Hiring a handyman to fix the hols might trap animals in. Doing the wrong thing can be very expensive. Having the smell of a dead animal in your house can be disturbing. Most animals can be trapped, but some are just smarter than others.

When all the animals are out, we can repair all the entry points permanently. If you don’t, new animals will move in. All repairs should be made with steel wire, to prevent animals of any kind. Any animal living in your attic that has left droppings will attract more wildlife, like snakes. If you don’t call us please call a professional.You could save a life and yourself a headache.

All wildlife have a purpose in this life, even the most dangerous ones. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are.

Georgia Wildlife Management also does live bee removal.

If you find honeybees in your home or surroundings, please call us.

We do live bee removal in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

We are trained and licensed to remove and re-home honeybees.

Georgia Wildlife Management.