Wildlife Roundup offers same-day inspection of Rodent Removal homes that contain mice. We specialize in rodent control services in GA and have been serving our local metro-Atlanta area for over a decade. Removal of mice and rats from homes as soon as possible is of particular importance. These pests can carry with them many diseases. Their droppings will attract other animals into the home, and they many times will carry fleas and other insects.This is on top of the immense amount of damage they can cause to your home. Trapping these animals as quickly as possible is important so that they do not have a chance to breed, which will lead to even more pests in the house. Making sure that you hire the right professional for the job is important. Our technicians all have years of experience in trapping rodents. They will also provide full inspections to identify entry points for these critters. Identification and removal of the holes that rodents make in your home is an important step in making sure that you do not get any more unwanted guests in the future.


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Wildlife Roundup takes a tried-and-tested approach to the humane removal of pests like rodents. Each animal we trap is safely relocated far away from humans. We do not exterminate animals as the use of poisons and chemicals is something we strive to avoid introducing into your home. The first step in our process is to perform a full inspection of your home. This will identify entry points that the rodents use to move in and out of the home. It will also serve to identify the best places to place possible traps like cages. After the capture of the pest, they are relocated safely away from your home. Once this is done, the removal of any droppings is an important step in making sure no other animals come snooping around. Our technicians are fully trained in matters relating to home repair for animal-induced damages. The repair of all entry points will make sure no other rats or mice can make it in again. If necessary, the holes should also be covered up in order to ensure energy efficiency is maintained.


From serving the Kennesaw, Georgia area over the last decade, we have learned of many common behaviors of rodents in residential dwellings, and can quickly and effectively remove these pests. Although the process is delicate and requires a professional, our experience is unmatched when it comes to rodent removal. If you have any questions, feel free to call free during normal business hours.


Our vast experience in rodent removal has given us a good understanding of how these critters make their way into our homes. If you are interested in learning about their patterns and how to avoid future problems, then check out our section on rodents to learn more. Staying vigilant and taking care of yourself and your home is the best way to keep pests like mice out of your life.


Rats and mice are incredibly agile and responsive to their environment. In order to effectively trap them, you are going to need professionals with an understanding of what traps will work best against what species. Identification of the type of rodent infecting your home, and what traps will work best is essential for an effective trap.



Whether you have rats in the attic or somewhere else in the home, an effective rat control service will need to have extensive experience with these animals if you want them removed from your home in a timely manner. Wildlife Roundup has the tools and experience necessary to quickly solve any rat infestation problem so that you can get back to enjoying your home.