Pest Control

What pest control companies won’t do is fix the problem. At Wildlife Roundup, we know where bugs come in.

All new and older Residential Homes have construction gaps where pests come in.

We seal all the construction gaps with a treated foam spray that blocks any and all critters from entering your home. After the sealing process is complete, you will benefit in two ways. 

1. No more contract for pest control service ever again. 2. construction gaps are drafty areas… sealing these areas will save you money on your energy bills.



Poison is a very bad idea. One, it’s inhumane and two if an animal ingests the poison and dies in your house you won’t know where but you will know by the smell that you won’t be able to live with. Trying to find a dead animal in your house can be very costly. if an animal that has ingested poison goes outside, another animal might consume it and it to will also die. If a vulture eats a coyote that ate the Hawk that ate the cat that ate the rat that ate the poison will all die.  Snap traps, glue traps, and poisons can and will cause these problems. 

At Wildlife Roundup, we fix the problem so you won’t have to pay, spray or contract for pest control service ever again.

How to get rid of bugs?

How to get rid of mic 

How to get rid of rats

How to get rid of squirrels

How to get rid of snakes in your House

Here are some methods used to keep the infestation of all pests from entering your home. Battery-operated noisemakers are a temporary fix and will work sometimes but you have to continue to monitor batteries. Mothballs are great for wildlife, they will roll around in it to get the fleas off. We find out where the entry points are and fix the problem permanently.

Snap Trap

Using snap traps is a bad idea it will often injure the animal and will wander off somewhere in the attic or fall in a wall and die. Blowflies and fleas will often be present at the beginning of decomposition. Maggots crawling across the floor and countertop is a sure sign.

Glue traps

Glue traps will be carried off stuck to a leg on the animal unable to get out will die.

We do not use any of these methods as should all pest control companies.
We offer a lifetime guarantee. Any animal caught dead or alive in your home will be at the expense of Wildlife Roundup.

  Wildlife Roundup is a privately owned company in Georgia, which offers professional wildlife and pest control service.

Founded in 1996. We offer our services to all the residents of Georgia and our prices are quite competitive.

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